About us

„Be creative and you will see who you are and who you’re going to be.“


Coach, therapist, seminar facilitator


  • Practice for body work, expressive arts and consciousness work since 2009 / therapy, coaching, seminars
  • Therapist and team leader for expressive art therapy and body psychotherapy in a centre for psychotherapy (mainly with people «in a burnout» and with other essential questions)
  • Supervision and specialist advice for aspiring therapists
  • Art therapist, body therapist and relaxation therapist in different group practices 2008-2014
  • Team-building seminars for companies
  • Art and expressive therapy in an psychiatric clinic
  • Leader of creative therapy, psych. nurse HF in different organisations in Switzerland as well as in Asia
  • Instructor for making and playing different instruments

Training and development

  • Expressive Arts in Coaching, Consulting and Education, EGS
  • Expressive art therapy and painting therapy EGIS/ISIS
  • Art therapist HF
  • Systemic constellation work and creative therapy
  • Biosynthesis, IBP, Somatic Experiencing
  • Psychosynthesis, body work, energy work, meditation
  • Psychodynamically Imaginative trauma therapy
  • Nurse HF, main focus psychiatry
  • Stages of life in Africa and in the Asian region (music lessons, art, meditation and volunteering in aid organisations)

Member of the trade association for forming psychotherapy and art therapy

„In our origin, in our heart, we are all quintessentially creative. Like life itself, creation is in every moment.“


seminar facilitator, organizer, artist


  • Course organisation, co-leader of the seminars, practice Rico Huder
  • In own practice for art, body work and consciousness work
  • Seminar leader in the areas Fine Arts, dance and body work, nature and wilderness, personality development
  • Freelance artist (Pedagogic art and orders in Graphic design)
  • Teacher in the subject Art and Crafts (M.F.A. Major Art Teaching), high school

Training and development

  • Master of Arts in Fine Arts, Major Art Teaching, at HSLU Design & Kunst
  • Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, Kunst und Vermittlung, at HSLU Design & Kunst
  • Personality development, intermedial art therapy
  • Dance and body work, energy work, meditation
  • Maturity at the Stiftsschule Einsiedeln


In our work we are accompanied by a deep trust in what is and in what connects us, as well as an irrepressible, silent joy in the potential which unfolds itself in a unique way in each of us, between us and in this world. We see this as a gift that allows us to accompany people for part of their journey.